It’s commonly known that dragons like shiny things as much as ravens do. Treasure hunters are often surprised, however, by the aesthetic sense of dragons — for example, in this case the dragon preferentially hoarded things that matched her scales.

(Support ethical treasure hunting — only buy from certified naturally-abandoned hoards!)


Be proud, colourful, and sparkly. No two links in this bracelet are alike. It would be boring otherwise.

These were ten times prettier in pairs than by themselves.

Many members of the Medici family are entombed at the Basilica de San Lorenzo, in Firenze. There’s also the body of a martyr in a glass coffin, wrapped in red cloth and wearing a crown on his dessicated head. Is it comforting to surround death with opulence? It’s still death, after all.

To do:

  • Tune up your bike
  • Transplant your tomato seedlings
  • Visit a maple syrup festival
  • Shiver your way through a too-early picnic
  • Look for crocuses in the grass