Flowers growing out of brass ruins.


I know the berries are pretty, but don’t eat them. Look what happened to the last poor fool who tried.

I love the look of ancient Egyptian jewelry — their taste in glass beads was very classy. This set is inspired by all those ancient makers whose stuff is all stuck in museums now, never to be worn again.

It’s commonly known that dragons like shiny things as much as ravens do. Treasure hunters are often surprised, however, by the aesthetic sense of dragons — for example, in this case the dragon preferentially hoarded things that matched her scales.

(Support ethical treasure hunting — only buy from certified naturally-abandoned hoards!)

Leave a comment here for your chance to win this sweet springtime-hued bracelet! I’ll make a random draw from all comments on Saturday, 16 May, at 9 am Eastern time, and contact the winner for a shipping address.

Irregular pink glass crystals and silver-toned seed beads compliment strangely organic green shapes and pink hearts with green-and-pink iridescent finish on one side.

At 23.5 cm (9 1/4″), this is suitable for a larger wrist and hand.

Announce your presence with tinkly silver bells.

Be proud, colourful, and sparkly. No two links in this bracelet are alike. It would be boring otherwise.

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