Here’s my scheme for taking five pictures of one item to post on Etsy.

1. An eye-catching picture. It’s likely a closeup showing the most gorgeous detail of something.
2. A second eye-catcher that shows more of the item.
3. A demonstration of how the item looks when worn. I don’t want to wear things that I’m going to sell, so I’ll have a bundle of fabric ‘wearing’ a necklace, or a pair of earrings hanging from a horizontal ribbon or twig.
4. Something technical. If it’s earrings I’ll show the wires or hooks in detail; if it’s a necklace or bracelet I’ll show the clasp.
5. Size scale. I usually take a picture of my hand holding the item. Nobody’s hands are exactly the same size but it gives a better estimate of scale than, say, a coin, and it’s prettier than using a ruler. (Anyone who wants exact dimensions can look in the description.)

I am not an expert at this, but that’s my script. What’s yours?